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Press Releases

C-QUADRAT Asset Management (UK) about the US election 2016


London, 11 November 2016. The choice of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States has taken many commentators by surprise and financial markets reacted meaningfully as the Republican nominee did not appear to be the most favourite candidate for the role; the controversy related to some aspects of his agenda added further uncertainty to this race to the oval office, which can easily be considered among the most acrimonious of the recent history.

During the morning, however, a temporary stabilization followed therefore reversing part of the losses recorded in Asia.

The current market volatility and the results of this presidential race should be reinterpreted within a broader framework.

The nomination of a republican candidate as President of the United States, matched with a majority in the congress, should allow Mr. Trump to implement new measures supporting economic growth by, among the others, increasing infrastructural spending and supporting the pharmaceutical sector. Such measures would further strengthen an already resilient economy where both employment and companies’ results are solid.

In the longer term, these developments would be positive for equity markets and negative for long term rates via increasing inflation expectations.