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33 Years
of asset management excellence

Over the past 33 years, CQ Investment Group has expanded from Austria to become a successful international asset manager.

Below you will find a list of the top 10 milestones, innovations and achievements of the last 33 years.

Pioneer in quantitative asset management

1. Pioneer in quantitative asset management

In 2003, C-Quadrat Investment Group launched the first trend tracking fund, managed from a purely quantitative point of view, in cooperation with ARTS Asset Management - a pioneering move which introduced the first quantitatively managed retail fund to the market. The C-Quadrat ARTS trend tracking fund is now a major fixture in the product landscape, is included in countless unit-linked life assurance products and has received multiple awards for its excellent performance.

Microfinancing trailblazer

2. Microfinancing trailblazer

Vision Microfinance is a microfinancing platform established by Impact Asset Management GmbH (previously C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH) in 2006. Its investment allows people without access to funding to take out small loans, thereby giving them the opportunity to develop or establish their small business.

More than 2 billion US dollars in loans to developing countries

3. More than 2 billion US dollars in loans to developing countries

Vision Microfinance helps people in developing countries to escape poverty. To date more than USD 2.05 billion has been awarded to 309 different MFIs, in 67 countries, in the form of 1,206 loans. This meaningful, sustainable aid helps families gain access to food, medical care and education for their children. Vision Microfinance was recognised by CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) in 2010 for the exemplary transparency of its reporting and has been awarded the LuxFlag label by Luxembourg rating agency LuxFlag on multiple occasions.

Leader in green investments

4. Leader in green investments

As a subsidiary of the C-Quadrat Investment Group, Impact Asset Management GmbH is one of the leading non-bank asset management companies in the German-speaking territory, specialising in selection, analysis and management of absolute return and sustainable investments. As long ago as 2011 – years before the rest of the sector discovered this area – American non-profit investment company ImpactAssets included Impact Asset Management GmbH in the top 50 impact investment firms. Not only the investment products’ financial returns, but also their social and environmental impact are decisive for selection.

Fund of Funds – for Austria and Europe

5. Fund of Funds – for Austria and Europe

In the mid-1990s, managed portfolios consisting of individual funds were the benchmark for progressive investors. As soon as it became legal, C-Quadrat Investment Group was the first fund company to issue and list a fund of funds for public sale. As a sector pioneer, C-Quadrat was able to offer investors new investment trends and products.

30 Jahre Erfolg

6. 33 years of success

Since 1991, C-Quadrat Investment Group has developed into a successful Austrian medium-sized enterprise. The Group consists of several asset management companies with the emphasis on quantitative strategies, as well as ESG and impact investing. Other strengths include private debt and alternative investments, with particular expertise also having been developed in management of international pension funds. The investment products and services are among the best in their respective investment categories, have already received multiple awards and are marketed to institutional clients and via wholesale channels.

Social engagement as a priority

7. Social engagement as a priority

The C-Quadrat Investment Group has been supporting social projects in a variety of areas for many years. Many of these activities focus on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, orphans, or children with disabilities. At the same time, we finance projects all over the world to promote health, improve education and combat poverty. When choosing which social projects to support, we place particular emphasis on economic understanding, which in turn makes an important contribution to social coexistence.

More than 300 awards

8. More than 300 awards

The C-Quadrat Investment Group has been recognised more than 300 times for its investment products’ above-average performance. The various asset management companies are primarily known in Europe as pioneers in the fields of quantitative asset management, ESG, sustainability and social impact investing, as well as for their track record in pension fund asset management and alternative investments. Very recently, International Investor magazine named the C-Quadrat Investment Group as “ESG Group of the year 2021”. Details of other awards can be found on our website.

The Austrian partner for global players

9. The Austrian partner for global players

During its 33-year history, the company has succeeded in becoming a strong, reliable partner for global players in 21 European countries. In conjunction with Talanx, the third-biggest German insurance group, the C-Quadrat Investment Group is operating a joint venture in Armenia to manage the state pension fund on behalf of the Armenian Central Bank, for example. Cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank International AG has led to initiation of a private equity growth fund, which concentrates on SMEs in and around Austria and which intends to achieve a volume of 200 million euros. Pension funds and other institutional assets are being managed as part of a joint venture with the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), based in Poland.

Wegbereiter für fondgebundene Lebensversicherungen

10. Paving the way for unit-linked life assurance

The C-Quadrat Investment Group’s subsidiaries are paving the way in management of investment funds used specifically as part of unit-linked life assurance. With more than 20 years’ experience in this field, the investment funds are currently listed with more than 70 insurers in 21 countries.

We are looking forward to more

Thank you for your trust in us. We are looking forward to another three successful decades.