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At C-QUADRAT Asset Management (UK) LLP, we believe our role is to protect capital and preserve its purchasing power in the short term (2‐3 years), while delivering the highest level of investment performance over the long term.

We focus on the generation of consistently strong risk-adjusted returns, while maintaining our key objective of capital preservation.

ASSET ALLOCATION is the main driver of Investment performance.

This means that investing in the correct asset class for the stage of the economic cycle is in our view the best way to manage both the Alpha and the Beta of a portfolio.
Our investment style is active with a strong focus on liquidity management. This approach combines formal investment discipline with tactical flexibility in a way that is consistent with a proactive stance in the financial markets.

Research is an integral component of the investment process. Value is added during Portfolio Construction via the extensive use of internal and external research, applied to investment strategies generated by our investment professionals.


The C-QUADRAT Asset Management (UK) LLP Risk Management team collates and publishes weekly risk reports.

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